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AI technology increasingly being used in Vietnam

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Research and development activities in AI technology have gained initial achievements in Vietnam, according to Vu Duy Thuc, the co-founder of VietAI, an artificial intelligence organization representing the community.

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Kenneth Tran from Microsoft Research


VietAI is a not-for-profit project founded by Vu Duy Thuc and Luong Minh Thang, two AI PhDs who graduated from Stanford University in the US. The organization was set up with an aim to bring experts and researchers to help train Vietnamese IT engineers who want to develop AI.

Thuc praised the AI applications developed in Vietnam. AI is being used in apps such as face-identification technology cameras, smartphone chatbots, self-propelling vehicles, and nano robots.

Some engineers are developing apps in healthcare, such as big data and AI to make diagnoses and anticipate drug reactions. Some others focus on fintech, such as credit scoring, or finding the credit index of borrowers, and a recommendation system, similar to product advertisements.

Many AI research & development (R&D) projects in different business fields were discussed at the recent VietAI Summit 2018, which gathered more than 200 experts, researchers and representatives from technology firms. 

Kenneth Tran, an engineer from Microsoft Research, described a project using AI in agriculture. “An algorithm heals to operate indoors farms automatically and effectively,” he said.

The AI system developed by Tran was used to cultivate cucumbers in a glasshouse. It regulated the equipment in the farm and made cultivation decisions based on water and light indexes.

The experiment brought yield and profit far exceeding the results of a human-run farm. 

The engineer said that in the future the technology will also be used in other fields such as energy and transport.

Another AI application introduced at the event was developed by a new university graduate Chuong Huynh. Chuong’s project diagnosed illnesses based on X-rays of lungs.

In addition, Do Truong and Minh Thang from Vietnam AI Systeam brought to the AI Summit four demo models that use AI technology to switch voice into text documents with high accuracy. It promised a future of interacting between humans and machines in Vietnamese language. The technology can be used for smarthomes.

Many other ideas were raised by experienced engineers such as Kenneth Tran, startups such as Don Truong and Minh Thang, and by IT students who learn AI through courses.

Vietnamese experts believe that Vietnam has favorable conditions, including the qualified labor force, to become an AI hub of the world.



Source: VietNamNet

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