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e-SIM now available in Vietnam, but still few subscribers

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Vietnamese mobile pone users were excited about the news that e-SIM now can be activated in Vietnam, but many of them are not using it.

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Four months ago, Apple launched iPhone Xs with two integrated simcards. 

With the new iPhone generation, Apple hoped to regain clients who chose Android phones just because they have two simcards. 

When iPhone Xs and Xs Max hit the Vietnamese market on November 2, the e-SIM could not be used. iPhone fans then had to hunt for iPhone products made for Hong Kong and Chinese markets which have two physical sims.

Just days ago, the largest mobile network operators in Vietnam, including Viettel, VinaPhone and MobiFone, all announced the trial use of eSIMs before Vietnamese clients can register to use eSIM next month.

Asked if the news would have a big impact on the market, a retailer said eSIMs are just an ‘additional feature’ of iPhone.

“There won’t be a new wave of people rushing to register eSIM or buy iPhone just because eSIM is now available in Vietnam,” he said.

Nhat Huy, the owner of a private shop in district 10, HCMC, confirmed that his clients were not showing interest in eSIM. The sales of the shops have increased, but this is because it is now the high year-end sale season. However, sales during pre-Tet days have been weaker than last year.

“Those who really want 2-sim iPhones might spend money to buy iPhones with two physical sims last year. The buyers at this moment are accepting iPhones with one sim only,” Huy explained.

A representative of CellphoneS, a large distribution chain, also confirmed that sales of iPhone Xs and Xs Max remain stable.

“The sales of iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the models with eSIMs, are not higher than iPhone X or iPhone 8 and 7 Plus,” he said. “The market needs more time to see eSIm become more popular.”

In general, 2-sim phone users reserve one sim for major communication purposes and the other for family members, or business partners. Some users make and receive calls with one sim, and use data services with another.

Nguyen Ho Tu Nam, administrator of Tinh Te Forum, said he is satisfied with the one-sim iPhone Xs Max and he doesn’t care much about eSIM.

“I don’t intend to use two sims on one phone. If I really have demand, I will buy one more phone,” Nam said.

The administrator believes that the people interested in eSIM might be keen on technology and want to try everything that is new.


Source: VietNamNet

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