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China sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling

Drug smuggling, China sentences Canadian to death

A Canadian citizen in China has been sentenced to death after a court convicted him of drug smuggling on Monday, a move likely to further inflame tensions between Ottawa and Beijing.


Thousands of tourists flee Thai islands as Tropical Storm Pabuk approaches

Thai islands, Tropical Storm Pabuk, tourists flee

Thousands of people are fleeing Thai islands popular with tourists ahead of what could be the most devastating storm to hit in decades, officials told CNN on Thursday.


World's largest ice and snow festival kicks off in China

China, ice and snow festival

If you think enduring teeth-chattering cold is part of the fun when you travel, then the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is the carnival for you.


Inside the Japanese town that pays cash for kids

Japanese town,  pay cash for kids

When Katsunori and Kaori Osaka had their first child, they were living in a cramped apartment in Nagoya, a city of more than 2 million people in central Japan.


South Korea turning away from dog meat trade

South Korea, dog meat trade, raising awareness of abandoned dogs and animal rights

Tori, a five-year-old black mongrel with an expressive, happy face, has enjoyed a rags-to-riches change of fortune.


Indonesia tsunami: New warning system 'to be built next year'

Indonesia tsunami, new warning system 'to be built next year'

Indonesia says it will build a new warning system capable of detecting tsunamis caused by undersea landslides, days after giant waves triggered by a volcano killed at least 429 people.


Indonesians worry another tsunami is coming

Indonesia, tsunami, disasters, Indonesians worry another tsunami

As the threat of more deadly tsunamis casts a pall of fear over Indonesia, the country's National Disaster Mitigation Agency said Monday that more than 5,600 people are displaced.


Japan suffers biggest natural population decline ever in 2018

Japan, suffered its biggest natural population decline

Japan suffered its biggest natural population decline ever this year, government statistics show.


Fears for more tsunamis after hundreds killed in Indonesia

Indonesia, tsunamis

More deadly tsunamis could strike the Indonesian coastline in the coming days, authorities warn, as the volcano which triggered the weekend's devastating wave continues to erupt.


Japan explosion: Dozens injured in Sapporo restaurant blast

Japan explosion, huge explosion and fire, Sapporo restaurant blast

A huge explosion and fire has hit a restaurant in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo.


China to 'cut US car tariff to 15%'

China, cutting tariffs on US-made cars to 15%

China has reportedly proposed cutting tariffs on US-made cars to 15%, the same tax levied on car imports from other countries.


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